Mentor Corner: Spotlight on GP (S. Ganapathi)

Ganapathi S

Release Date: 08/26/2014

Ganapathi S (aka GP) is the Founder & CEO of Terminal Exchange Systems (TES), an IT and business services company committed to enabling business transformation through the innovative use of technology. GP was a Chartered Accountant in India and ranked 30th in the country. He worked in Tata Motors and HCL before becoming a controller of the biggest company in Kuwait. He moved to the US and bought TES around 1990.

For 25 years, TES has been providing exceptional IT sales and services to clients in the metro-Boston area. Two projects that the group completed recently for the MBTA is providing Wi-Fi service on trains, boats thus enabling customers to get free connection to the Internet and the Charlie Card.

GP has been associated with TiE-Boston for the past 5 years. He became a Charter Member because it gave him an opportunity to be contribute to society in fostering entrepreneurship. So when Executive Director, Vanita Shastri, asked him about mentoring a member who was looking to apply for government contracts, GP was more than willing to help.

Venkatesh Chari was looking for help with applying for a federal government contract. Since GP has had experience working with the government before, he was able to provide Venkatesh with valuable insights into not only how to apply for the contracts but also maneuver through the intricacies of the federal government. GP was very open and… With GP’s help, Venkatesh was able to secure a federal contract for a unique product.

TiE-Boston’s mentoring program is a very important support system. “Small scale entrepreneurs are essentially lonely and need a support network to be able to succeed in situations where they do not have experience,” says GP.