TiE-Boston Recognizes North Bridge Founder Ed Anderson with Lifetime Achievement Award


Release Date: 12/16/2014

Boston, MA – TiE-Boston awarded this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award to a person who has contributed immensely to the entrepreneurial community in New England. For the past 30 years, Ed Anderson, Founder and Managing General Partner of North Bridge, has advised and provided financing to entrepreneurs who are focused on building highly disruptive and game-changing companies.

Anderson’s involvement almost always starts with an inception-stage investment. North Bridge has been involved as the lead or co-lead investor in 27 companies founded by TiE entrepreneurs, including Cascade Communications, Cazena, Starent Networks, Sycamore Networks, Veveo, Zettics, and many others. Anderson’s firm has backed TiE entrepreneurs with a total of $368 million in funding. In these investments, TiE entrepreneurs posted a 72 percent success rate – an incredible three times the industry standard of 25 percent. Further, of these 27 companies, 10 companies became industry leaders meaning they pioneered a market and/or led in market share, and six grew into billion-dollar companies, sometimes referred to as ‘unicorns’.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed a spectacular partnership over the past 30 years with members of the TiE organization and as such it is an honor to be recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Anderson. “These North Bridge investments, in 27 companies founded by TiE entrepreneurs, were ultimately worth over $50 billion. That value is indicative of the effort, quality and character of the TiE community and their willingness to solve difficult problems. Today’s world is defined by software. With movements like open source, as a point of leverage, startups will be able to focus 100 percent of their engineering effort on a unique value focused on solving a customer problem and importantly, paying for itself in 12 months or less. I’m excited to see what bold entrepreneurs are able to do.”

Desh Deshpande, Chairman Emeritus TiE-Global Board of Directors, said the following about Ed Anderson: “Without the seed funding from Ed Anderson for Cascade Communications 25 years ago, I could not have continued my entrepreneurial journey. Ed Anderson has been an important player in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Massachusetts and I am very pleased that TiE-Boston has recognized his achievements with the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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About North Bridge

North Bridge Venture Partners and North Bridge Growth Equity actively partner with founders and entrepreneurs providing seed-to-growth financing for innovative companies looking to disrupt and reinvent big markets. With $3.8 billion of capital under management, North Bridge partners, many founders themselves, work with entrepreneurs to apply their expertise in the creation, operation and scaling of market-leaders. The firm has funded more than 170 companies creating many billions in market value. Among those firms are Acquia, Actifio, Cool Planet, Couchbase, Demandware, Mavenir Systems, Proto Labs, Reval and Starent Networks. The firm has offices in Waltham, MA and Palo Alto, CA. To learn more about North Bridge go to http://www.northbridge.com.